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Friday, July 23, 2010

Chapter 144: painting the town RED!

Celio* is a men's clothing company originated from France. they got cool and awesome ensembles of variety of men's clothing types. it was differentiate into 3 categories- Celio* club, Celio* casual, and Celio's sportwear. the design were pretty unique but similar to esprit. same goes to the price. i was amazed by the shirt's design. they were one of a kind.

during the early month of July, i bought August Man magazine and came across this page which tell the details of an event that Celio* is going to held. I'm very excited to join but I'm clueless in making an RSVP. so, i let the hope of attending the event down. But thank to god, Basit was hired as a sales assistant at that place and the manager is keen enough to give him 2 invitation cards to the party. each cards entitles to bring 2 more guests, so we tagged along Ucop, Izie and Ameer with us. :D

Event: Celio* Launching Party.
Venue: Celio* boutique, Pavilion, KL
Date: 23th July 2010.
Time: 7.30P.M
dress code: Fabulous RED

Before the event.

from left: Ucop, Ameer, Basit and I. I'm wearing DKNY jeans tshirt, Topman skinny jeans and my dad's old Bonia's loafer.

camwhoring while waiting for the event to start.

During the event.

the event was enlighten by the music from the very talented DJ, DJ Goldfish. so the music start pumping and the event was started with fashion show of the clothes sold at Celio* and was infuse with few games in the middle of the show. it was great. Me and izie had the chance to actually joined the game where we have to wear a plain neck tie creatively and have to walk a runway. Izie won and we got to keep the tie. cool! the foods was prepared by The Loaf and the drinks by Moet. and thank god they served lemonade too. :D

few of the models do the catwalk and the DJ for the night, DJ Goldfish.

me and izie during the games. :D

Celio* neck tie worth of RM129. i got it for free. :D

the other reason of me attending the event is that so i can make get a contact from the people from my favourite magazine, August Man. I think August Man is the best place to do my internship as it really suit my style. :D so at first when i met the people from August, i was so scared to approch them. but as the time passed by and I saw KC Yap, the senior writer of August Man, i went to him and try to have a little chat. he gave me his card and ask me to send in the resume so hopefuly i can do the internship next semester. :D

KC yap, senior writer of August Man and me.

from left: Izie, Basit, Ameer and Ucop as we waited our turn to take the door gift at the entrance.

the door gift consist of few catalogs and vouchers from Thierry Mugler, Morgan and Celio*. there is a red and white stripes belt from Celio* worth of RM268.

Mr. syAER_dEAn
p/s: "jgn noty2 kt celio" SHE text me that. i didnt SYG. ;D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chapter 143: things i love to do the most.

my latest picture.

it had been ages since the last time i updated my blog. too lazy i guess. well, this semester require more energy. more stress. but i'm positive about it despite the short craziness after i got the result for last semester. I'm afraid I might lose my focus and need someone to guide me through. so far SHE's being very supportive and wanted to get involve in my life. thanks sayang. i really appreciate it. SERIOUSLY! and it seems like we are heading on the right track. the relationship i mean. I'm so happy.

Basit had been around me quite often. so, i got the 14 days free trial at celebrity fitness. so i went there with basit. gym was great but i cant afford it. maybe later when i'm working. :D (i abandoned my diet eversince i got here in shah alam.)

as we tried all the equipments in Celebrity Fitness, One Utama.

owh. last friday we went to T.G.I Friday's, the curve for dinner. treat for HER. :D

i got myself BBQ chicken garden salad and SHE had friday's chicken burger.

and yeah i purchased lots of cool stuffs too. :D

i got these 2 shirts from 1 of the store in Dataran Pahlawan in Melaka called "invade they got limited piece of unique design of shirts. (sorry, the picture is upside down)

purple and pink polka dot shirt from sam and monkey. their shirts are so great. check them out!

"risky business" sunnies from cotton on.

Zara's light purple basic t-shirt

i got the invitation to the celio* launching party this friday at Pavilion. celio* is a new french based men's clothing company. they just arrived in Malaysia. the stuff sold there was cool but the price is way beyond my budget. :D

the invitation card. dress code: RED.

i will update on the launching party soon. wait for it okay?

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: "Xnoty2 kt celio k" SHE texted me that. will never do that SYG. :D