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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chapter 152: He heard me.

Hey, we meet again. Been busy with job hunting and stuff and yeah, finally I am done with my study. I’m officially a fresh graduate of Bachelor Of Mass Communication (Journalism) class 2008-2011 from Universiti Teknologi Mara Shah Alam. Can’t wait for my convocation this coming October.

Anyway, speaking of job hunting, I’d gone balastic since most of my friends had jobs and I’m still waiting for miracle to happen by doing nothing at home. What a loser! So, it struck me hard as I’m trying to replace the camera that I’d lost last june. And it all started by me applying job as replacement teacher in Melaka.

I was thinking living with my parents would be the best decision to make as all of my siblings had gone out from my parent’s house. My eldest sister had her family on her own and had moved out since 2002, my elder brother gone for job since 2005 and currently my younger sister gone to further her studies in Aswara last month. So, its better for me to stay home and accompany them but there weren’t lot of jobs in my field of studies in Melaka so I went to KL valley. The melting pot of any kind of jobs (not to mention those culprits who fake a job- poor shida). And I guess its my time to go by my own.

I’m not keen to taking charge of everything by my own since I got people to turn to if I got problem in doing things almost throughout my life. If my car broke down, my dad and brother would take care of it and if I’m lost on what classes that I want to take, well I got my friends to make the decision with me. With me not for me. Theres a good friend of mine that always remind me on being determine in making choices. “Afterall the decison you make will somehow affect you in many sorts of ways” he said. The experiences he gained by being determined wows me. How i wish I can be that determined. This shows at my suckiest love life I had since SHE left last december.

Anyway, back to job hunting. I had my first real job interview last two weeks ago (well, its my second since the first one doesnt count as I wasn’t serious about it). An event planning company was seeking for a right candidate to be their Event Executive and I knew the news from my friend. She post it on her FB wall. So, i sent my resume and they called me for an interview a week after. It went great. It was informal interview and the bosses were very friendly and open-minded. What comes to mind at that moment time was “lady boss is fun!”. Way different than what i had in mind before. So, I’d gone home right after that and got a text massage from Karangkraf. They called me for an interview. 2 days after that, the evebt planning company called an I got that job. Darn!

Lets go back to 2 weeks before. I was hanging out alone at a kopitam in Tangkak. Applying as many jobs as I can and most of it does not related to my study. Marketing and PR were the field I applied the most. And right before I left, I renew my resume in karangkraf website and applied for the magazine journalist job. And that exactly the job i was interviewed last week. Met my classmate, farhan and another faculty-mate of mine and they went there for the same reason as I was. I’m the third one to be interviewed after both of my friends and it went awesome! It turns out they are searching for two journalists for Yezz! And Libur magazine.

I was dodging the call from the event planning company as I was hoping that I got the job at Karangkraf. Lots of things came to my mind as salary and place I’ll be living play big part in my decision making. I got no respond from Karangkraf a day after the interview. Then its two days, three days and on the fifth day, still no respond and they told me they want the journalist to start on 1 august. So I called the event planning company and said I accepted the job they offered and they want me to come on Wednesday. I went back to Melaka and packed my things as I am ready to embark new life as an Event Executive. Went to KL back and as I was accompanying my friend shopping at Chow Kit, a call came in. 03-5101****. The same 4 first digit number I missed a day before. So, I answered. A guy’s voice asking for my name. I thought it was my brother tried to pranked me, so I cursed the person on the phone. He was so kind he actually explained that he’s from karangkraf and not my brother. My face turned red. And yes I’m happy. I immediately said yes and they want me to come to their office on next Monday morning. LOL.

So there you go. My story of how I’m getting the job as a Magazine Journalist of Libur starting next week. Most of my closest family members and friends said its the rezeki of Ramadhan month and i couldnt agree more. My prayers were heard from the Most Merciful and The Greatest Allah s.w.t. it shows on how most that I asked for on my last sujud of every prayer were granted by Him. This includes those prayers for my friend, Nairul, whose life are back on track.

I just want to say, Believe In Allah. He heard you. And you can always turn to Him for anything. :D

Mr. syAEr_dEAn

p/s: you’re the first one to know the news of me getting the job. Before my parents. :D

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