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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chapter 145: discovery!

do i look good with cap?

life has been very busy. I have step up on the game and finish up my thesis. at first my thesis entitled "Academic magazines versus Lifestyle magazines" but due to lack of sources and journals, i changed it to "Masculinity in the Lifestyle magazines". at first i was kind of confused and not sure the whole point of my thesis but after reading those journals regarding that matter, i finally understand and start my proposal right away. :D so if there are any input that you readers like to point out, just leave me comments okay?

so last 2 weeks ago i went home. on Saturday night, things were not good as I got home. it was pretty intense but thank god everything went smoothly after that. Alhamdulillah. so on that particular sunday, my parents got wedding ceremony to attend in Shah Alam and we went to Mid Valley after that. i was so clueless on what to buy there but i managed to grab a pair of desert boots from Cotton On. and the price was so amazingly cheap for a pair of shoes. even my flip flop cost more than that. :D

Cotton On's desert boots. RM49 only. very Zara-ish.

last friday, my friends, Daia from melaka called me and said she was at Berjaya Time Square. so, i wanted to meet her there. but sadly my handphone's battery was flat and i didnt managed to call her. so i end up strolling around Pavilion and bought a sneakers at Zara. :D

Zara's neon green sneakers. i love the color and price RM69.90!

and yes i went home again. my dad ask me to change Marcos's tyres as it pretty bald. so i went home and went for a walk around Melaka on sunday. i bought my sister a MNG love shape handbag and got myself awesome variety of items. :D

Body Shop's maca root face wash. (i got the moisturiser)

faux leather belt from Daiso, a rm5 shop.

Padini's socks.

i had been a big fan of bracelets since i saw this blog post from my favourite blog, my many bags. so i'm on my quest in collecting a variety of different material bracelets. this i bought at Melaka.

i love the below one.

wear then at once. love the idea of having few bracelet on one wrist.

oh yeah i done another D.I.Y project. this time it involving colors and shoes. i bought this awesome so-called Kungfu Shoes back in Melaka and i really wanted to dye it into purple. so, i bought a purple powder dye from local shop and dye it. and it was a successful project!

before. after.

i can see i will be dying more and more stuffs after this. i love to do experiment that involve fashion. :D

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: I LOVE MY FAMILY. i can be overprotective towards the person i love the most!