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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chapter 151: A Perfect Fit!

me chilling at Terengganu.

hello again creatures. its has been awhile hasnt it. sorry I was busy with, nothing actually. I'm a whole lot more happier lately. i started a relationship. a new one for me. a different chapter with a new person. well, just want to say hopefully this one last. and I'm gonna say briefly bout that person.

so, another shoe to fit in (as a lover) after i left the shoes as MHI's journalist way deep in the shoe rack which gonna be covered with dust and termites. next on the line are shoes as a consultant (my younger sister about to further her studies, she needs my advices), shoes as son (repay my parents), and lots to come.

speaking of shoes, I was among the press who followed a superbike convoy (a campaign on mobile) called Jelajah 1Malaysia ke 3 Kami Prihatin 'Membanteras Pembuangan Bayi' 2011. well another shoes to fit in. a journalist cum photographer. overall it was quite an experienced. another one goes into my resume.

Linda Onn on her bike and Fauziah Latiff on the right.

the convoy on their way to tasik banding, Gerik, Perak.

while travelling across Malaysia, I saw lots of well, yes shoes (I'm a shoe addict). different shoes for the different type of occasions and purpose. here some of them I snap with my camera.

both items are own by a single owner. this dude is LV fetish! haha

these biker's shoes belong to a married couple. how sweet to ride a superbike with someone you love. (would like to do the same)

two tone brogue owned by a lecturer from Kelantan.

this one owned by a lady biker from KL. I envy her biceps and she can do a split too. darn!

and speaking of shoes again, I got my own brand new pair of sneakers. my birthday present for myself (sounds like a loser eyh? sorta like Usop Wilcha from kak limah who bought himself a birthday cake) among other things i bought for pleasure. gosh, how can i stop spending?

Zara's salmon colored sneakers (in the box), Bodyshop's Maca Root Face Protector for men, spiced vanilla lip butter and Mark&Spencer's digestive Choc Biscuit (all time fav!)

some of my ever expanding shoes collection.

anyway, thinking of having job now. that's my priority at the moment. aside from Kiki.

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: "lalalala.." Kiki always text me that when the topic got out of hands. :D

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