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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chapter 150: My journey stops here.

my latest pic. :D

The title might be boring but to me it does works on certain people. The result may vary but who cares? And yeah that what I’d been doing by not posting any entry for the past, like 6 months right? Is it? It had been that long since the last post? Darn time do travel in the speed of light these days. Sigh~

Anyway, today is my last day as an intern journalist. Though it wasnt my kinda place of interest to do an internship but still it gave me more experience than the subject required. I’d been the highest up and the lowest down in moulding a perfect a piece of art (in my field its an article) but I enjoyed every second of it. And yeah the editors frequently praised me infront of the other MHI’s journalist for my good writing but there’s no one in this world i would like to thank for except all of my lecturers (not you Z) and fellow reporters not in particular (not to mention writing is in my blood- LOL).

The people of Melaka Hari Ini, I’m glad that I’d met you guys throughout this journey. First and foremost, Dhamirah Atiqah Mohd Norzin (I called her Atiq). You had been the most closest friend from MHI. Thanks for always lepak-ing with me, going to the assignments with me and sharing all the great moment with the most chatty guy in the office. Suraya, well I just knew you but we were like friends since forever and I’m sorry if you are not comfortable having me around (Atiq bgtau ak weh, betol ke?) but seriously, you are awesome and very great person to talk to. And others En. Misrom (gulp!), En. Lan, Kak Ju, Kak Zila (she’s with sinar now), Kak Wahida (the most naive girl), Abg Bad (sorry my shades arent for sale), ain, the DTP crew, Kak Shasha (thanks for always photostate my punch card), Kak Add & Kak Hel (my financial provider) and not to mention, the BIG BOSS, Mr Ishak, YOU GUYS ROCK! HARD!

Atiq and Su

the DTP crew.

My lecturers used to warn us the students not to ever mention that we are the intern during the internship period. Its kinda like taboo as there will be people underestamating especially the seniors but that doesnt happen throughout my internship period. I’m happy that my editors have faith in me in covering those big events and not doubting (though I was scolded so bad once, damn you WYF) in the work I’d done all this while. And other press are very helpful (goes to non-malays press-1Malaysia) and yes I’m so gonna miss you guys. Ain from Metro, thanx for being such a great pal to me. Though I might seem like a jackass during the first time we’d met. And yeah, Mr Hafiz Putra (En Hottie) the PRO of Petronas, I’m so glad dealing with you. How come we never actually talk at the faculty but now we are close (don’t we?)

cik ain Metro (sori ak mik pic dr FB)

I had been to a series of great assignments. From rubbing my shoulder with Schumacher to witnessing the victory of Roslan Ahmad as the new ADUN for Merlimau, I’d been there. And yes sometimes I do felt timid amongst other national newspaper, but I’m doing my job. Completing and delivering news to the mass (MHI circulation isnt that bad).

roseberg and schumi. :) (credit to hafiz putra, he's the main reason i can meet them).

Merlimau's election

It has been the greatest cruise with the people in MHI and I couldn’t ask for more. I wish MHI the best in delivering news to the masses and the world and keep on being the No. 1 daily state newspaper!

I Heart MHI!

Mr. syAEr_dEAn

p/s: guys do check out MHI k? We are great! Trust me!

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