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hmmm... i luv being myself... regardless of wat others think bout me... i am wat i am.. im not gonna change if peep ask me to... i only change if i want to as long it doesnt hurt anybody... n dats cool with me... so get to knw me... then judge me...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Chapter 119: a letter for HER...

Dear Da Smoochies,

a physician once said dat once sumting held in motion, it cant help building momentum... n dats exactly wats my love for u.. once i love u it will bloom as time goes by... our frens once said dat im sooo lucky dat i got u n im totally agreed with dat... seriusly!! n u r da greatest n da sweetest ting ever occured to me... n im happy for dat... i will never neglected u ever... even when thres storm occured in our relationship but it seems like we can definitely find da shelter to all of the tidal waves n hide from it...

hmmm... days before we got homed n had our semester break i noticed dat u acted wayyy different than the way u acted like before... n plus u frequently said to me "jgn noty2", "u gatal eh skang" n things like dat n i can definitely smell sumting wrong sumwhre.. n i was right... thanx for having lots of courage n telling me wats dat "PERSON" told u which a full of lies indeed!! at first yes i felt a bit funny but as time goes by i cant sleep that nite wondering n slowly my hatred building up... so i decided to dig this dirty rumors so i will find da source of this particular prob... n yes i jeopardise ur name in seeking the truth sincerely... n i didnt knw dat it will turned into this manic problem! but think back, wat is this "PERSON" prob to tell u lies without even investigate it first... its sssoooooooo CHILDISH!!!

sooo i had stated my point.. hope u understand... coz seriusly i x knw wat to do else than just be happy with without the interference of others who doesnt know us better than we knw ourselves... if u choose to be mad at me than im ok with dat... coz wat rily matter is im not wat they think i am... n i love u.. n never do those nasty thing to u ever!!! just so u knw..

hope u cool down... coz i miss u damn much!!

urs thruthfully,


p/s: sorry if i posted it on my blog... coz im mad x knw wat to do... hope u understand...


  1. awww. ure so sweet to put it on blog..(i mean d apology n ur feeling towards Her)
    honestly my bf will never do what you have did..
    n x ramai laki brani nak wut cmni..
    u go syaer..! u do what u have to do..!

    p/s to 'Person' : You owe them an apology.. Cheers!

  2. for the 1st, syaer wrote something sweet like this. haha

    syaer: sapa that PERSON? geram aku nk bergosip plak. hehhe

  3. mesti ada org yg suka nak kacau bila kita happy with our partner kan? geram sungguh!!

    u go syaer! dont give up! to ur gf too.. dont listen to others. u both know each other well than others. wish for ur happiness :)

  4. well.. all the best. what's the worst thing that could happen if we're always honest?
    we got your back man.

  5. erm.. thanx guys... i just x get it why are some people r like dat... im in the recovery... :D

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  7. Listen. A piece of advice.

    People will talk even when you never mess up with their lives. And to think how foolish these people are, being so obsessed with ruining other people's trust and happiness because they have nothing else to do, I believe you should go on with your life, be yourself, and always be honest to the people that actually matter to you.

    People who talk shit are like flies to your favorite dish. The more irritated you are at their presence, the more annoying they will be. So unless you can smack these people with a fly-smacker (it will get messy tho), shoo them away, and enjoy your meal.

    All the best, Syaer. We all have your back.

  8. aaauwwwww... thanx natural mystic... wat a piece of advise!!! nearly cried but didnt... heee... thanx again....