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hmmm... i luv being myself... regardless of wat others think bout me... i am wat i am.. im not gonna change if peep ask me to... i only change if i want to as long it doesnt hurt anybody... n dats cool with me... so get to knw me... then judge me...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Chapter 123: tales of the DESPERADO!

" you want somebody, just anybody to lay their hand on your soul tonight, you want a reason to keep beliveing, that someday you gonna see the light, coz you're desperate" - David A.

i never believed in luv at first sight.. well not now.. hopefully never.. coz i just think dat it just wrong to fall in luv with sumone rite away without actually care to getting to knw dat person better.. bcoz basically luf need nurturing... it needs sum kind of fertilizer to make it grow... n hopefully it will bloom in da future.. n of coz u'll have to wait... start with frenship.. n from thre we might have the chance to actually have the the relationship taken to the next level.. not in weeks but even more than dat to mke sure dat u guys hv trust n stuffs.. hmmm... please to all those lonely homeys... x be such a desperado... coz its childish n very immatured...

i'll posted later bout my journeys diz past few weeks.. hee :D

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: "rep me.." she texted me dat.. im out of crdit.. will do soon after i'll topup SYG...

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