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Thursday, March 4, 2010

chapter 131: look at the camera.

life had been so miserable these days. everyone do love to be up. but im happy that i'd been down. it makes me strong. plus everything got batter after that. and im very thankful of that. my relationship had gone through quite rough time. and i lose my one more friends. i have to. sorry.everything seems so surreal. i gained more friends in the process. i knew my existed friends even better. what a cool experience. and one thing, "COOL" had become my favourite catch phrase. haha. erm. anyway, basit came to shah alam last week. n he spent most of the time with his new found friends. till they end up with a drama. im kinda jelous. its feels like im losing my BFF. i hate to admit it but its the truth. but i cant control him. he's old enough to determine his life. but i'll make sure that im in his future. i mean being his BFF till we die.

anyway, i became the talent for my friends' production.

Program: I-inspirasi (talkshow)
Venue: FKPM studio (mascom)
Date: 26th march 2010
Time: morning till sunset.

i was asked to be a talent for my friends' production. so i joined them. i was asked to act as an Editor of a travel magazine, Candid Syndrome as the theme of the talkshow is vacation. it was a great opportunity. it was my second time. i acted as a grandfather a year ago by my other friend. and this friday my third job is coming. haha.

im having fun with them.

and yeah i went to TV3 yesterday.

Program: A Day With A Broadcast Journalist.
Venue: Sri Pentas, TV3.
Date: 2th March 2010
Time: 8.00am till 9p.m

i was assigned to follow a journalist from TV3 News and Current Affairs department, Miss Azlina Hariri. we went to Colourland's Bonanza buka dan menang contest press conferrence. and it was a great experience. and i met few other celebrities. anuar zain, wardina, suhaimi ahmad, kamaruddin mape, malik (1.30 news), hanim (sport buletin utama) and much more. and not to forget my seniors. COOL!

the experience i gained is very useful!!
anyway i got another job to do. i mean i got an offer to be a fashion designer for another production tomorow. i'll update my blog later okay?!
Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: "Nak u." she texted me that. SHE still loves me. i love u too SYG.