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Friday, March 5, 2010

Chapter 132: everyone SULK!

just another friday. yeah. but this time its more meaningful. my friends are all around me. its kind of like decreasing my inner heartbreak. yeah lately everyone sulk. everyone i knew faced trouble this week. everyone seems not in the mood. its does make me wans to go home real bad! thinking of going home next week. i need my mum. im a mama's boy. INDEED! hee :D

yesterday i helped my other friend, khalila, to become her talent in her production.

Program: What's In.
Venue FKPN studio.
Time 9am till 12 pm.

during the shooting. i was interviewed by farish and ieja.

my model. izie and arashy.

the picture taken during the shooting.

from up :me and ucop me and nora. ameer, ucop and izie. ucop and nora

arashy and ucop.

during the lunch time me and ucop had lunch at Station 1 cafe at ss15 subang jaya.

ucop having his chicken spageti and orange, strawbery apple juice.

i had lanb chop with mushroom sauce, vanilla milkshake and ribena.

i skipped the business and economics reporting class yesterday.haha. guess im too lazy to attend class because i am too tired and too sleepy to enter the class. haha.

lepaking at Abu Cafe sec7 with ucop izie, nora and ameer.

lepak and gossiping at bintang sidewalk after that. haha.
anyway, i always put my friends above other. after Allah and my family of course. and sometimes SHE gets kind of jealous. but i know she'll understand.
Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: "Nyte" she texted me that at round 2 am. she slept late again.

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