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Monday, March 29, 2010

Chapter 134: I'm homesick. as simple as that.

talk about evil...

it has been almost 2 months since i had my bantal busuk placed between my legs. which means i havent gone home for almost 2 months. dang! well, usually im heading home once a month but due to events and assignments that i have to participate in, i have to forget of heading back to Melaka. sigh~ well, my biological clock doesnt work properly lately. i sleep during the wee hour. think i need a consultation on my sleep behavior.

owh. i forgot. i cut my hair. really wants Daniel Merriweather's hair. my hair resembles bit like his.

before. after.

i went out with HER the day after her birthday. after i had brawled all over my bed and spent the day staying at home. we went to Mutiara Damansara. had some sandwiches at Subway and walk around the area. had a blast.

chicken teriyaki for both of us..

anyway, my life revolve around my friends. i spent time with them more than i spent my time alone. well, i love that. i love my friends! they rock!! HARD!! haha. still miss my BFF though. basit, do come and visit me lots okay. i had been the most B****-iest person lately. i almost didnt have any feeling towards other people lately. 2 people's heart broke because of me. and i didnt feel guilty what so ever. is that a bad sign?

anyway, we discovered new place to hang out. good foods combined with good place. located infront of Hakim Sek7 shah alam, this place offers you with 2 malaysian foods, CENDOL and LAKSA. the best ever. and almost all of the masscommers enjoy it. hee :D

cendol-ing and laksa-ing with fellow masscommers.

last 2 weekend, on saturday, we went to nora's sister house located in bandar baru salak tinggi near my brother's house. we had the best western foods ever. it hold the same quality as the 5 stars hotel restaurants has. so delicious till it make all of us speechless. thanks mummy Nora. we really appreciate it!

good foods and those people who ate them. haha.

the next day, me n my classmates, anna, wendy, azlee, arashy, qhyrol, hakim, shida, aeina and a broadcaster, erin helped our lecturer with her daugther's wedding ceremony held at a country club in Damansara. it was a great experience and we got paid for helping. it cant get any better than that. later on, we went to sunway because aeina needs to cover a story bout muay thai there.

during the ceremony.

we went to Lenggong, Perak last weekend. the place called Nur Lembah Lenggong. the Journalism Society held a family day there. it was a great experience. we did the flying fox, river crossing and obstacles thingy. haha. few people became famous there for either good or bad reason. well, i dont give a s**t. i had a blast with my my friends around.

pics at Lenggong, Perak.

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: "Argh, u wat i rindu u. Dtg sni cpat. Nk tmbuk2 bdn u" SHE texted me that. sweettttt!!!

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