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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chapter 135: ticket claimed.

im getting older. :D

it had been a quite ridiculously great ride on the roller coaster. i had been up and several downs along the rail. yeah. kinda like it despite all the hurdles that i need to go through. and what a period of time it has been that somehow had helped me to grow up and be more like a man than i used to be. well, let just say that im getting older every bit of time.

this semester was not a good one for my relationship. it went pretty bad during the the early times and it got pretty worse as the semester nearly reach its end. but we both have this strong feeling towards each other and at the end i can definitely see the rainbow despite the heavy rain before. and i'm thankful for that. I cant never have the thought of me leaving my precious treasure hurt. it had been almost two years and hopefully we go strong as the relationship reach it mature.

the last meal we had together. :D

i had made new friends along the semester. getting close with certain people who i dont have the chance to get to know the them before. thanks to facebook, my friend's number had grew eversince. the existed friends of mine, well let just said we pretty much bonded even closer. i love my friends and i definitely willing to sacrifice anything in order to retain them. I love u guys. and i will surely miss you guys during the break.

my BFF, Mr Kamal. haha.

my friends. love u guys.

I'm an official online junkie now. i cant live without the internet connection. if i cant use my laptop (tosh2) to update my status on Facebook, my dad's cellphone is the victim of my addiction. well, my friends always tease me on how my personality change once i go online. well at first, i'm like in denial, but what they said is kinda true. and yes ucop, I'M AN ONLINE JUNKIE!. haha

my interest in life is always fashion. i love to dress up. buy new clothes, revamp the old ones, trying those shoes and makes my own. this semester, i put more effort in my interest towards fashion. i revamp my dad's vintage clothes. the latest finding was an 80's pale blue blazer which i relocate the button to make it fit on my body. and it was a successful work of mine. as i trimmed my old jeans, i had made a laptop case out of the left over from the jeans itself. and the result was pretty good. proud of myself. i can definitely predict that this semester break, i would have more projects on sewing and stitching. take that Martha Stewart. and one thing more, my shoes collection had expended also. :D

Syaer Dean's laptop case.

my dad's new revamped vintage blazer. i make it fit by relocating the button.

my new Zara's slip on sandal.

so much to say here but this semester really make me learnt a lot more. i was been told so many time by my lecturer that i'm having an attitude problem. and yes iam. determine to change for my own good. let see where it goes from here. and i promise more posts in the future.

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: as i wrote this entry, SHE is at Genting with HER girlfriends. owh, i miss HER like really bad. :(

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