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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chapter 140: lets pretend like it never happen.

my latest pic. :D

i woke up this morning with a blow to my face and the rains added the drama towards it. darn i wish i never got the text but somehow i did received it. and seriously i did not know what to react to it. it just mind blowing. mixed emotions i should say and it does affect my mood a bit but im staying optimistic. wish that somehow i can turn over or let just say that i would take it like it never happen to me before. i did my part and i think its time for others to take charge because i cannot see where is this thing heading. sigh~

anyway yesterday was amazing. despite that i skipped my jogging again. i do enjoy family outing like very much. and my family and i went out yesterday. we went to the new jusco. i did some window shopping last saturday and had eyed on certain things that i would like to have. and i did have it. thanks dad. owh i bought some branded items from F.O.S. :D

Pull and Bear grey cardigan.

Gap plaid shirt.

unbranded dark grey short.

Body Shop for Men maca root moisturiser.

owh i love my finding. plaid shirts and short are in this time around. i love it! and after this day on i'll be wearing moisturiser. my skin gets pretty dry especially in the forehead area and Body Shop have this salesand that things is on 50% discount. it could not get any better. :D

owh yeah i came across this particular moment which is me and my sister found it hilarious!

motorcyclist doing the drive thru. :D odd but funny. :D

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: " ko kate nak beli dumbell. tak jadi ke?" my dad asked me last night. i totally forgot about it after i saw those pretty clothes. so i said "next time leh x yah?". ngee :D

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