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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chapter 137: kept myself busy.

I have been treated tosh2 like a piece of junk since there is no internet connection in my house. Now I know how important is the internet connection, not just to keep me updated with others through their status on their facebook account, but also to make tosh2 a usable tool.

Life at home has been great despite I rarely hang out. Well, I guess I got no friends to hang out with. My so called “boyfriend” according to HER, basit is somewhere in Kuala Lumpur working while Im stuck here in my room hoping there is someone wanting to go out with me. But for now, my sister is always there to accompany me whether to go online at Mcdonalds or go jogging at Tangkak.

Speaking of jogging, I had started my workout session and it sort of rough throughout the first day. I had abandoned exercise for quite a time. I remembered the last time I went for jogging. It was at the section 7 lake in shah alam somewhere in march I guess. How long it had been. With the consultation and encouragement from my friend, I got pumped up to start living healthy. I do the cardio and other stuffs to help me shape my body. And I stop consume any foods after 7p.m. It gets pretty rough since there are aches occurred especially in the lower abs, the triceps and the upper back of my body. But I know the aches are good as I know the muscle is working.

Well, in a path of becoming the young apprentice of Martha Stewart, I had started my sewing project. I started of with sewing my own document bag. Made from my old pair of jeans. My sister wanted sort like a tote bag. So, I’m thinking about to do it after I had done my document bag. Who knows what I can create from the old ripped off jeans.

Distance really took toll on me. I miss her so much. Wish she was here with me through the day. I was so dumb to not spending lots of time with her before the semester break and now i miss her like crazy. Luckily she got “mr. cool” to hug her every night. :D

So much to say but so not going to make this entry boring. So I’ll keep u guys updated ok?

Mr. syAEr_dEAn

p/s: “Xromentik lgsg la u ni” she text me that. Yes im not romantic but I know I love u. :D

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