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Saturday, May 22, 2010

chapter 138: do the checkers!

i saw Hairspray movie last night. and i was pretty awesome! i didnt expect that movie would have that pretty much big impact towards me especially being judgmental towards others. yeah i cant help myself from being judgmental. its really normal to be such thing as we sometimes feels intimidated by others. regardless what are those things that really makes us feel envy and stuffs.

i see stuffs differently like after i entered high school. Melaka High School (MHS) pretty much sum up all the races across the country to be schooled at one place. and MHS is one of the well-known schools in the country as it produced briliant students especially the STPM candidates. i guess. so, since then, i do mingles with other races. i got chinese and indians in my class. and not to mentioned those who have more than one ethnicity in their bloods. i dont find mingling with other races would be a problem.

but as i entered my Form 6 school, it was a bit different. the malays are very judgmental towards my indians friends. and i wonder why. so i end up being close to my indians friends (the girls) rather than the malays throughout the lower six period. i was like Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray where she mingled with the Blacks people more than her own kind. i was so glad that i was raised to be friendly to everyone regardless their skin colour or whatever. i guess im open minded. :D

so, i would say lets make the 1Malaysia thing happen. NAH! we dont need a reason to be friendly with others. we dont need to be plastic just for the sake of making the 1Malaysia thing a successful one. mingle around with them because they are just like us but doesnt come with either same colour palette or same background with us. but seriously you guys will definitely happy with the result. :D

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: the tittle of this entry i got it from one of the poster from the Hairspray movie. :D

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