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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chapter 141: Haven't met you yet.

my hair had grew a bit.

i have known this guy since i guess 2006 and during that period we never met. just SMS and certain calls really make us bond like we were friends for years. but finally since he's done with his study, he wanted to have a short vacation to Melaka. after his first attempt to do so was later on postponed due to a personal problem back at his home in Johor. so, he texted me on sunday and asked me whether he can stay at my house and have a tour around Melaka. i said "what the hell. SURE man!" hee :D. seriously i was nervous at the first time we met (I'm so f**ked up to met new people). picked him up at Mydin MiTC then took him to my house. and forgot to mentioned, he is the ideal son for every parents to have. nice, shy, religious, clever and not to mention, good looking too. :D

i took him on a stroll around Melaka Town during the first night despite the horrific chillness in my dad's car. and even we'd be teased by a car full of girls. SCARY! haha.

on the very next day we went to Banda Hilir. rode on the Taming Sari's tower (Malaysia's first revolving "gyro tower")- he really wanted to ride it and we did and i must say it was pretty awesome. :D later on we tour around the historic spots in that area and off to home exhausted. haha.
Menara Taming Sari. awesome!

Mr. Mohd Zuladzuan.

he went home to JB today. my parents bonded with him pretty well. my sister said that my mum had teary eyes when he shook hand with her and tell her goodbye. :D

owh yeah. last weekend was spent at KL. my dad was invited to the Agong's Birthday Hi-tea held at the Istana Negara on saturday. as waiting for the event to end, i took my mum and my sister to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) heaven for the women. i never like to be at that area as too many people in one place will only gives me headache. a bad one seriously. my sister got herself a baju kurung. envy her. later that night i forced my family to go to midvaley as it was just near by from our budget hotel. haha. my mum got her first Zara handbag and i got myself a electric blue beach sandal. :D

one scene at Jln. TAR. havoc!

views from our hotel.

my Zara's electric blue sandals!

i had finish my latest sewing project. at first, i want to create a document bag but later turns to be a clutch and i put some emblishments to make it look even better. my sister want a laptop case. my next project i guess. (my custom made laptop case was praised by one girl. I'm touched)

Syaer Dean's studded denim clutch.

yesterday, i went to the rehearsal of the Opening ceremony of Sukan Malaysia in Melaka. it was so fantastic. i wonder why did i got so overwhelm by the performance of school kids doing cool formations. (got teary eyes and goosebumps during the rehearsal)

during the rehearsal at Hang Jebat Stadium.

my neighbor gave us this yesterday how cool is that?

they dont call it Mango King for no reason. haha.

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: "cantik x gigi baru i?" HER text on ym while we were chatting and webcam-ing during wee hour. so cool. miss u SYG.

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