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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

chapter 142: It’s the simple boring stuffs that I remembered the most.

Well, it’s the birthday of my dearest bestfriend ever in the world, mr abdul basit bin abdul aziz a.k.a ferdi vallerino nic a.k.a kamal yesterday and I would like to dedicate this particular entry to him. :D

I met him while I was in form one in Melaka high school back in 2001. Our first conversation was pretty much about me wanting to borrow a marker pen from him to write something on my ginormous name card (form 1’s hostel orientation sucks!). Since then, we were friends. A regular one. Not as close as we do now. And yeah never ever once we were in the same class except in form4 where we combined class for the Islamic education. he went to matrix after SPM and UPM afterwards while I went for form6 and UiTM later on.

We got close during form2 which I spent most of the night at the hostel sleeping on the same bed as him (is it TMI?) plus I had to hid under his bed when the AJK did a little spot check to make sure there are no students “fly” during the night. And yes during the form3 year, we stay outside and always hang out when there are time. every single week, we take turn to buy each of us lunch which mostly took place at the fast foods outlets. The “parfait” incident was really hilarious and we remember and laughed at it till now. Most of my Friday evenings was spent at his house because we went to the same tuition class held on Friday evening.

Well, in friendship there’s ups and downs. But gladly the ups are countless compare to the downs between us. We did fought and not talking to each other twice in the period of us knowing each other. We didn’t talk the whole form 4 year and after bit during the form5 and after SPM. He was particularly known for his infamous slaps right in the face to those who annoyed him. Boy, it was intense to see the slap occurred right before your eyes but never ever I got those slaps. Lucky for me I guess. We grew much closer since I entered UiTM. It is much fun to spend time with him. I would not mind to travel all the way to UPM from shah alam to meet him. We had ridiculously same interest at most things. And ohh boy we are the worst shopaholics ever and party heads too. :D

There’s time few months ago when I introduced him to some of my friends and he did got bit closer with them and somehow deep in my heart I’m a bit jealous (in the good way). I thought that I almost lose a bestfriend. The best one I ever had. But I soon realized it was just my feeling. I assumed we are still BFF (right basit?). and I can see lots of good times going to be spent with him in the future. I just can’t wait to see what the future hold for us. haha. Cheesy~

So basit I would like to wish u a very

happy 22nd birthday.

I adore you my friends and I owe u so much. :D

Mr. syAEr_dEAn

p/s: “Blanja r……” basit texted me this when I wish him happy birthday. I will when I got my allowances okay? Ikea meatball here we come.

Miss HER so much.

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  1. birthday aku same ko0t ngn basit..
    xde mention pon. ;((((((((((((((((((((((