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Monday, September 27, 2010

Chapter 147: caught completely off guard.

latest picture of me.

I havent updated my blog for quite sometime. it just i know what to write about but finally i bow to the request of my friends who wanted to know what had happened after the last time i update my blog. well lots been happening. where to start eyh?

well the title of this post really dedicated to someone im closed with. well, used to. I'm very surprised that caught that person is with someone else and not telling me. how terrible is that? well the best part is I attacked while they are dating and it makes me really satisfied. and that person? well that person had nothing to say and doesnt blink for quite long. i caught that person completely off guard. served you right!

me and HER. hmm. i really dont know what to say. it kinda feels like we are in a boat that sailed on a unpredicted ocean. we did sailed on it before but it seems like the tsunami strucked and left us wondering what to do next. it felt like SHE left me hanging without anything to grab on. and it suck i tell you. i really dont know how long can i survive in this thing. but surely I would never forget HER and will always love HER for the rest of my life.

anyway on the 2nd september i involved in an accident. Marcos was hit by a reckless driver of Waja. and the worst part is he didnt admit that he was wrong. after the accident, the driver's brother and few of his friends went to the scene and what goes in my mind is i want to talk and tolerate but they are so stupid to not wanted to be responsible of the accident and reluctant to go to the police station for the report. F**K you! so i reported it myself. it happened a day before i went back to melaka for raya.

if you ever saw this car burn it for me please.

i cut my hair again. :D from daniel merriweather-ish to mawi-ish. hoho.

before. after.

Raya's eve was fun. i like the things that my family do during the raya eve. i even bake 2 cakes. i hang those curtains. help my mum in the kitchen. help my dad painted the gate and others but the actual raya wasnt that fun. maybe its a sign that I'm getting old. sigh~

i baked this two cake. volcano choc cake with hersheys nougat and butter cake.

my family during 1st raya.

my relatives. :D

during the raya break, i went out pretty often with my BFF, Basit and my other friend, Edi. we hang out a lot during the night and went back early in the morning. and you know what? ever been to A'famosa fortress? yeah we lepak at there exactly on the canon infront of it. hoho.
at A'famosa during wee hour. (i brought my sister along at this time)

i spent a lot on eating lately. but it all worthed. plus, i ate with my best friends. it just couldnt get any better than that. :D
ucop and I at Italiannies. I had roasted chicken with balsamic glaze and cheese pizza.

at Ikea. meatball-ing with nora, izie, anna, ucop, basit and azlee. :D

ucop's fav pastime. kerusi urut. haha.

anyway, remeber the early post when me and my friends went for the Celio's party? well, our picture end up being featured on the september issue of August Man. how cool is that? haha.

its me. i'm so excited. huu~

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: havent received lots of sms from HER. :(

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