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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chapter 148: Pakat Mai Sini.

my latest picture!

I'm still clueless on my relationship status with HER. and its killing me to see HER everytime at either in the class or at the cafe. I'm dying slowly. plus the tension is worsening! I almost lose it earlier this week and i went home last tuesday to see my mum because i miss my mum so much and i still do right now. I'm glad that my mum understand me and it such a relieved to see her radiance face like she got this anesthesia or something that can calm me down.

last week, me and my classmates went to Penang for a field trip. and it was awesome though some rumors flew around bout me getting closer to this one person. well, let me tell you, we are FRIENDS! nothing more or less than that.

the trip was fun but the bus riding with my fellow classmates is what I'm most anticipated about. all the chaotic-ness and noisy-ness in the bus really makes me forget bout the things i left in Shah Alam. the main purpose of this field trip is to visit the Fishery Research Institute in Batu Maung, Penang. We are required to ask as many question from the people at the FRI to do an article for the Science and Technology Writing subjects. and i chose the Harmful Algal Bloom as the title of my article.

Day 1

infront of our hotel. 1926 Heritage Hotel

in our room. Arashy, Azlee, Syafil and I shared a room.

Day 2

Azlee, Wendy and Me waiting for the bus to FRI Batu Maung.

up: at FRI hearing the lecture. down: Giant Ikan Kerapu.

me inquiring about the Alexandrium (toxin algae)

at our last night dinner.

up: wendy, anna, syafil and me at batu ferighi. down: at sunset bistro. love the environment!

Day 3

haziq, anna, azlee, me, fard and ganu waiting for the ferry. (i'm sweating heavily LOL)

up: the panaromic view of Penang. down: aeina and me.

last Sunday, one of my friend, Ina organize an open house at her house in Rawang. approximately about 7 cars of our classmates went to her house. It was awesome. and forget to mention that Zul, my mum's foster son went along. :D

up: the arrival of little rascal. down: rebut kambing panggang! chaotic gile!

fard with his performance~

last 29th September is the birthday of Shahida Hangol, one of my dearest friends, the fab five member. she went brawling soon after she got the surprise. It does made others teared up too. how touching it was. :D
shida with happy tears :D

anyway this is Anna's attempt to imitate the kit kat's commercial. :D

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: no text from HER. it has been about two weeks already. sigh~ :(

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