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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chapter 55: diz entry is specially dedicated to my dearest fren, AMIR..


well i had reunion gathering at ine of my frens ouz yesterday.. eventhou not everyone able to join but da gathering i think it was pretty successful and full of laughter... well mine was da loudest as usual... we had BBQ n fried vicemelli or bihun... sum sambal n watermelons... i dont care wat the foods are.. wats da most important thing is we r having fun.. n we want to cheer amir up after the tragic accident he involved year ago... well in the accident amir was badly injured n he lost quarter of his skull... so u might see his skull got hole... he lost his ability to move his left hand.. n he cudnt walk n on his wheelchair da whole time... but wat made me feel touched was he still remebered my name.. to b frank, im not dat close with him.. dats why im not dat closed n talked to him as much as others.. im sori amir... but im very glad that amir's family is very warm.. n caring as well... especially his dad.. u can hear lots of laughter from their family members.. bcoz they x want amir to b sad on what happen to him... n wat saddened me is dat if not register for his study at UUM by this july, he might not able to continue his study at all... dats rily makes me feel sad... when we were in form 6, it was our dream to enter university... once he got it, he might lose his chance in matter of blink of an eye... well here r sum of the pix i caught during the event...
from left below: linda, nad, iqa n deqla... up: marul n wan

da preparation n BBQ-ing...

lunch is served...

what im having... grilled chick y'all...

da farewell's pix...

thanx for evryone to mde diz gathering successful... L.O.V.E U!!

Mr. syAEr_ dEAn

p/s: im missing my SYG... I LUF U SYG!!!!!!!!!!


  1. syaer!!
    teruskan support dia tau..
    sbb dia sgt2 memerlukan sokongan dari teman2..

    bdw, happy holiday yaa..
    have fun!!

  2. wow.. wat a nice gathering... if my fren.. nak wat gethering .. g klcc la.. timesquare la.. midvaly la.. kltower la.. summore ada gak yg hotel besar2.. kan kalau wat cam kenduri kat umah pon ok kn... nice idea of gathering.. never thought b4.. cool.. =)

  3. cam best jer gathering.. hihi..
    hmm.. btol nazz ckp tuh.. he needs his fwens dlm condition mcm ni.. :P