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hmmm... i luv being myself... regardless of wat others think bout me... i am wat i am.. im not gonna change if peep ask me to... i only change if i want to as long it doesnt hurt anybody... n dats cool with me... so get to knw me... then judge me...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chapter 126: new lock for me...


i always have this kind of phobia of having my hair cut since i had this traumatic experience at a saloon near my house. i love to have my hair in the of the expert so that my hair wont look like a mess so it wont make my face look fat. i've been told so many time my short haircut either da haircut looks bad or the haircut wud sumhow enlarge or enlighten the puffy cheek of mine. and there r people that told me my haircut looks good bcoz its short not bcoz i rily had this rily great haircut like my parents always said but deep in my lonely n soulful heart i felt bit frustrated due to bad haircut n stuff. i had this haircut back in july that so bad till i have to hide it with a fedora so no one will ever see me with that kind of hair.

there are rules for me to have a haircut. n the rules are;

a) no hairclipper- this tool will only make my hair sort of like da school kid's hair.

b) not too short- damn!! again no school kid's hair. SHE hate it..

c) no layer cut- love my hair to be fluffy.

d) no "ekor"- my neck will feel itchy as my hair get longer.

e) wash n cut is a must- nice!

f) no massage- last time i had it my neck hurt so bad!

g) no botak plzzz...

i like to have these sort of rules so dat i wont regret till i have to hide it as for da reminder for me in the future... last monday i got a haircut appointment at Hairkunst salon at The Curve.. considering that monday is Gent's day n da price will be deducted me n amin made a decision to cut our hair thre... its a lovely experince n da haircut is rily nice.. will be goin thre in da future... hee :D


Mr. syAEr_dEAn

p/s: "But..i ned u.." hmm.. :(

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