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hmmm... i luv being myself... regardless of wat others think bout me... i am wat i am.. im not gonna change if peep ask me to... i only change if i want to as long it doesnt hurt anybody... n dats cool with me... so get to knw me... then judge me...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chapter 129: who like BUFFET?!

yeah last night was a very thoughtful night i presumed. my dearest friend gave me something to think about. a food for my thought i guess. and i understand 100% what is she trying to say. i get it seriously! but its hard. i mean like i dont want it to be like this but it suprisingly it did. i understand im not the victim but i didnt say dat im happy with it. it just a feeling that i cant resist. and i almost want to let it go. but i cant. damn. how should i put it in words?

but seriously, i am determine to change. change for the sake of that person. the special person in my life right now apart from my family. if i ever be a burden for you then im really sorry. i wont burden you anymore. i wont talk about my life as much as i would do after this. coz i dont want you to be apart of this whole conspiracy. enough of knowing things that most best friend would talk about.

i really appreciate your concern. you really care about us. and that is really cool! i love you!

Mr. syAEr_dEAn
p/s: "Always syg. Dh smpai g tau ai."SHE texted me that. SHE care about my wellbeing. how cool is that? love you A***T M***I...


  1. I don't like buffet. :(
    You know which buffet that I mean.

    Whatever it is Syaer, I'll pray for ur happiness :)

  2. thanx for ur concern baby... love it!