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Monday, March 2, 2009

Chapter 33: of modules and moving....

arghh... this weekend i predicted that it wil turn kinda boring and i predict gud... guess i shud b a fortune teller after this and having my own booth at one of britney's circus concert.. hahah.. lots had occurred last weekend... sumting dat is OTT and unexpected... huuu...

i slept late on thursday nite... n FORTUNATELY im able to woke up at da rite time... considering i got clas today... clas started at 10a.m supposedly... so i geeting redi n watched my other ouzmates enjoying their beauty sleep... kinda jeles... soon as i arrived to clas, the lecturer wasnt thre yet... n da clas only started at 10.30a.m... arghh... hate it... wat cud b worse is dat my clasmated conducted a meeting after dat so instead of planning to continue my sleep at 11a.m i only managed to do it like around 2.30p.m after i cooked.. tensen!! n wen its time for me to sleep, came this so called GUY/GURL person to my ouz... urgh!! bcaz of HIM/HER i only got my 3 hours sleep... SHOOT!!! dat nite i went out for dinner with HER alone... haha at last imanaged to go out with HER alone... no ms. faten tailing us... da dinner was great eventhou i x hv any appetite lately... we had our dinewr at pak li... later on we went to McD for eskrem... huhu... i sent her to kolej roun 11p.m... n to not dissapointing my dearest fren Mr aidil banting, i asked him n ucop to go sumwhre n we went to UPTOWN s.a... thres no one at my house... amm n few others went out for sum entertatiment... so after dat we went to BARRA ate a bit n went home... i slept at 3a.m..

                 da bill from Pak li

its da first day of 2-day modules... at first i thot dat it will end at 1p.m but da schedule kinda wrong its ended at almost 5p.m... wat i gona tel u is dat this module is GREAT!!!!! first bcoz it was conducted by ms. shifa n 2nd is da peep r great... so da module run smoothly... n lots of laughs were involved as i was also part og da group.. uhuh... i was chosen to be in da KAMBING group... this group consist of me (SYAER), SHU, ILIYA, SHIDA, MIYA n HAFIZ... we won 2 challenges out of 2... hahah... grand slam winner la kirenye...

         me n ucop from left: shu, hafiz, shida n iliya
arca mesra challenge
we r required to build an arch dat symbolised our group with using anyting in reach n have the owner,s permission... so without any doubt, i suggested to build a goat... out of bottle, manila card, paper, leaves n many things... my group members agreed n the GOAT we built... n most of other group n ms. shifa as well voted we as da winner... hahah... thanx...


da 20 cent challenge
this challenge is bout how u make a deal by using 2o cent coin... its kinda complicated to explain it in words.. 4 da 1st 2 round... me n hakim's group lost to arashy's n hafiz group... n bcoz of da misunderstanding during da leader's meeting i won rm1 as other won 40 cent n hakim ended up losing da game... hahah....

2nd module was held at S&T Tower... AKA engineering faculty.... i was bit sleepy... always sleepy i guess.. n da module was soooooooooooo BORING meh.... lectures after lectures.. i didnt see any benefits from it... so wat i did to filled up my time were by listening to my walkman n chattin with fren... urgh... SHE n faten plan to go out today... n im a bit dissapointed bcoz i cnt join them... SHE wana buy a new hp as HER old ones was damaged... huhu... 
ucop n me again

i got to go to sepang to meet my family n help my bro to moved... he got a terrace ouz near my auntie's... so first, i took my lunch at McD fogoting dat da lunch mcvalue available during weekdays... after dat i went to my aunt's ouz n found out dat she havent got home yet... so i went sumwhre else n found my bro at this road... met him n went str8 to his new ouz... later on as my fam n aunt got home, we went to my bro old crib to clear up things n move to his new one... kinda hurt my back n hands as most of his furniture is damn heavy... my intention was to go back to s.a dat nite... but as shida told me dat she gona finished da assgnmnt for me n aeina... so made my mind to stay at my aunt's pad n go back on monday morning... 
its not over yet.... update later......

Mr. syAEr dEAn
p/s: sumone got new hp... n its kinda like mine... n i liking it... me very likey....

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  1. uit..where's my pic??
    u're rite syair..
    miss shifa is the coolest lecturer i've ever had..
    mula2 a bit cuak..
    but, she's pretty damn cool!!