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hmmm... i luv being myself... regardless of wat others think bout me... i am wat i am.. im not gonna change if peep ask me to... i only change if i want to as long it doesnt hurt anybody... n dats cool with me... so get to knw me... then judge me...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Chapter 83: need SLEEP and SLAP...

im in concousness thru out the whole day which practically means that i didnt sleep at all due to the last minute patching up wats been left of my asignment which need to be submitted today... if i didnt react the way i suppose to today meaning dat i need a VERY HIGH QUALITY SLEEP... n if u r aware dat im out of my mind today... JUST SLAP ME ON THE A**... less painful than the slap on the face...

Mr syAEr_dEAn
p/s: my phone wat hal lg... sowi syg u x dpt sms i... x knw wat i just wrote..

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