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hmmm... i luv being myself... regardless of wat others think bout me... i am wat i am.. im not gonna change if peep ask me to... i only change if i want to as long it doesnt hurt anybody... n dats cool with me... so get to knw me... then judge me...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chapter 5: no fwens, no grin

hmmmm my day totally full with tiredness today... tuesday is da day full with classes... infact i had to stay at the faculty for 12 hours exactly with the limited gap between da classes... gosh i got noting to say evntho i told anna dat i got sumting to say. today..

well 4 psychology class we were combined with the advert sequence it was prety chaos wen da lecturer which is prof madya amelia made sum jokes... n da most loudest among us all is of cos shida... hahah... but i was pointed n told by da lecturer dat i luf to laugh a lot... welll i guess dats rily me!!! happy go lucky... is it?? hahah... but she was very COOL!! anyway i managed to complete da graphics asgnmnt today eventho i got limitd time to finished it coz i didnt hv da adobe in design software... but gladly i managed to score 6 out of 10... 1 of da 3 high scorers... hahaha... i guess im vry lucky...
thre so much drama wen me, anna, shida n aeina tried to finish da task..

hmmm... i've been teased by my fwens lately... well... its my fault btw.. ignorance is da besh ting in order to avoid any misunderstood... juz let them say watevr they like... anyway i've been trying to tell them dat me n SHE juz fwen but intimate but they x wan 2 listen.. so... wat can i do 2 make clear da dirt?? hahah...

anyway everyone knw who i am... da one who didnt like to tke ting vry seriusly... i repeat VERY seriusly... but dat doesnt mean dat i always i cnt be serius... it juz matter of time n situations... it rily hurt wen we been laughed at wen u tell sumting from da bottom of ur heart... it juz doesnt seem very fair... well... i tink dat one shud respect othr n always be careful wit wat u wana say bout sumting... sumtimes one want company to listen n rily honest of being fren... it is cool to rily sharing emotion towards each othr... its vry COOL n SWEET... juz wana hope dat evryone shud respect each othr bout wat they wana say... wat r their opinion bout sumting.. listen first... think.. and later on u give ur opinion... dats da rite way... it do have stages... juz dont be a hypocrite... well im not trying to be one...

Mr. syAEr dEAn

p/s: aidil sori bout my bahasa.. sumtimes im comfortable to write in english.. no heart feeling bro... huhuh... terus perjuangkan bahasa kita!!! GO AIDIL!!

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